Web Developer 2 (Webdev2) is a web design and development blog originally established 19th July 2006 which, oddly enough, makes this website older than Smashing Magazine (and way older than Codrops). Unfortunately over the years the site was neglected and never achieved it’s full potential :(

Webdev2 was lost in the wilderness for a while, but was officially relaunched 1st September 2015 with a new look and fresh original content. The objective of this website is to publish regular articles and tutorials about web design and related subjects but, more importantly, we want to give something back that is of real use to the community. The primary goal is to offer useful free code, website themes, plugins and more for your personal and/or commercial use. This will start to filter through in the coming weeks and months.

The writers at Webdev2 are full-time web developers which means most of the time they are trying to make a living by doing client work. When this is finished, and in order to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge fresh and up-to-date, a lot of time is dedicated to research. In so doing the aim is to better ourselves and also to share useful, inspiring and innovative content with our users.

We are currently looking for creative minds to share content. If you feel you have something of real value that you want to share with the web design and development community (ie, a new and innovative piece of code, code that solves a common problem or does something in a more efficient way, a new process that streamlines a workflow, an idea that opens up new possibilities, a free resource such as a template theme or plugin) then please get in touch.